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How to Protect Yourself Against Desert Pollens & Stay Allergy Symptom Free This Spring

Spring, that much awaited season, has arrived! Most of us look forward to the change of season with the ushering of new growth and warmer temperatures. Unfortunately, not everybody can enjoy spring to the fullest by spending time in the open, playing or working in the yard or garden. There are many people suffering from allergies in Arizona who can’t spend time outdoors without experiencing the unpleasant and frustrating allergy symptoms, such as sneezing, runny nose, itchy eyes, congestion, headaches and even skin reactions.

Many people believe that by relocating to a desert state they will be less prone to spring allergies. The truth is that you can’t be sure about that. One thing is certain: there are desert pollens in Arizona that cause spring allergies.

What Are the Most Common Trees and Plants that Produce Desert Pollen?

According to the University of Arizona’s health and sciences center, allergies in Arizona and the Tucson area may be caused by many trees and plants during March, April and May, including the following:
Ash tree
Some ragweed species
Bermuda grass
Rabbit bush
Desert marigold

Common Allergies: Cedar Fever

Cedar fever is one of the most common types of allergies caused by desert pollens, specifically by cypress and juniper pollen. There are many cypresses and junipers in Arizona, so if you’re experiencing the typical spring allergy symptoms, including low-grade fever, it might be cedar fever. So, if you live closely or in the proximity of these trees, and are suffering from spring allergy, it’s best to be prepared.

Find Allergy Relief

Millions of people in the U.S., many of them in Arizona, suffer from pollen allergy symptoms, which most commonly trigger allergic rhinitis or hay fever. If you’re one of them, now there’s a way you can become allergy symptom free this spring and the springs to come. Absolute Health offers an advanced therapy that can relieve or considerably alleviate allergy symptoms. Our treatment is completely non-invasive, pain free and suitable for everyone-from children to adults and seniors.

At Absolute Health we offer an advanced therapy that can help relieve or significantly reduce the symptoms associated with desert pollen’s.  This treatment is non-invasive and does not include needles, supplements or medications.  It is completely pain-free and available to all ages, including infants.  If you suffer from ragweed allergy symptoms, please call our office today at 480-991-9945 and find out how we can help.