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Biofeedback is a treatment technique in which people are trained to improve their health by using signals from their own bodies.

Biofeedback Arizona & The LIFE System

This post will discuss biofeedback in Arizona and focus on Absolute Health Arizona’s use of the LIFE System.

What is the LIFE System?

The LIFE System is designed to aide in the reduction of stress and muscle relaxation. It has been CE certified and registered throughout the European Union as a Class 2A Medical instrument. In addition, the LIFE System has been registered in the United States, Canada, Australia, and South Africa. Rigorous testing, double-blind studies and subsequent approval by TUV Germany is your guarantee of quality and efficacy. The L.I.F.E. system is the only device of its kind that has achieved this certification of assurance, providing the confidence that it will function as intended. European Quality Management and Declaration of Conformity certificates are held on file with BIREGS GmbH, Germany.

The LIFE System Design

In designing The LIFE System, basic principles of energetic management, from ancient Chinese traditions, to the emerging field of Quantum Dynamics were considered. This gave rise to a perspective that a river of energy connects every organ, every thought and every emotion. The flow or blockage of energy reflects a profound system of communication that demonstrates the body/mind intelligence. The LIFE System seeks to create and integrate an environment of wellness, balance and harmony. The entire process is safe, gentle and non-invasive.

It works by reducing the stresses on a body at the electro-magnetic level caused by food, toxins, environment, genetics, lifestyle. The LIFE System then feeds back the appropriate electro-magnetic signals, using nano-second computer speeds, to insure total safety.

Here’s more detail on how The LIFE System works:

Measures the electro-magnetic reactivity in the body via different electromagnetic responses. Compares the tri-vector resonant frequencies of complex mathematical calculations of the body with nearly 7000 known compounds stored in the largest software database in the world. Current Rife and other point probe devices only measure resistance.

Feeds back information, in the form of recommended homeopathic solutions, electro-acupuncture, meridian and naturopathic balancing, to the practitioner and client/ patient in easy to understand numbers, charts and text.

For more information about biofeedback in Arizona, contact Absolute Health.

What is Biofeedback?

According to an article by Bette Runck of the National Institute of Mental Health biofeedback “is a treatment technique in which people are trained to improve their health by using signals from their own bodies.” For example a physical therapist may use biofeedback to help stroke victims regain movement in paralyzed muscles. Biofeedback treatment has been proven to alleviate pain and stress. Nobody can explain just how biofeedback works but most patients benefit from biofeedback by learning to relax and modify their behavior. It is believed that relaxation is a key component in biofeedback treatment of many disorders, particularly those brought on or made worse by stress.

Absolute Health implements the LIFE System in their biofeedback process. The LIFE System is designed to aide in the reduction of stress and muscle relaxation. The LIFE System biofeedback process consists of three steps:

  • As a premier biofeedback system The LIFE System records subtle “reactive” informal “stress potentials” provided during the assessment procedure with the practitioner.
  • The LIFE System evaluates the responses through the high-end visual graphic interface.
  • The computer challenges the individual with the information by feeding it back to the client. A portable windows based application the LIFE system offers the practitioner enhanced therapy modalities as well as in house testing capabilities.


Intuitive interface, aesthetic design and state of the art computer programming offers practitioners an easy to use interface.

For more information about biofeedback, contact Absolute Health Arizona.