Dairy is delicious.  We are often encouraged to eat dairy for our health, as it is a good source of calcium.    It comes in many yummy varieties, like cheese, milk, yogurt, ice cream, plus the many foods they can be found in, such as creamy sauces and batters.  Unfortunately for many people, they cannot enjoy eating any foods containing dairy without getting symptoms.

Symptoms can vary from a variety of different digestive disturbances to skin rashes or eczema to congestion. Some people experience these symptoms every time they try to enjoy items with dairy in them.   Millions of Americans suffer with this issue every day.  Some symptoms are mild or annoying while others can be very uncomfortable or even painful.

When most people think about dairy sensitivities,

they tend to only think about lactose.

However, people can also react to numerous other items within dairy as well, such as casein or whey.  In addition to regular dairy items, it is also common to find some dairy within a variety of items as added flavor, emulsifications or proteins, such as:

Potato chips



Bread Crumbs



Protein bars and shakes

Deli Meats


Salad dressings


Baby Formulas

Dessert toppings

Vegetarian cheeses and meat substitutes

Dairy by products can also be found in vitamins, supplements, lotions, soaps and cosmetics.

The most common form of treatment for dairy sensitivities is total avoidance.  However, that can be a difficult option for most people, as many people do not want to avoid dairy products.  If an avoidance diet is tried, remember to give it at least a few weeks to see if the symptoms are better off of dairy.  Many people will only do the avoidance diet for a few days and then not see a change in their symptoms so they return to eating dairy.  Also, don’t try other new foods while on an avoidance diet. Focus on one item at a time or it will be difficult to determine what items are causing what symptoms.

At Absolute Health, we offer an advanced therapy that can help relieve or significantly reduce the symptoms associated with dairy allergies.  This treatment is non-invasive and does not include needles, supplements or medications.  It is completely pain-free and available to all ages, including infants.  If you suffer from dairy allergy symptoms, please call our office today at 480-991-9945 and find out how we can help.